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    rich:scrollableDataTable JavaScript API to (de)select a row

    kevin 2 Newbie



      I'm using the component rich:scrollableDataTable, and added the onRowClick event to change the selection behaviour.

      In fact, I want that the user doesn't have to press CTRL key to select multiple rows and when a row is selected, clicking on it deselects it.


      The best way to implement this would be a JavaScript function, to avoid Ajax calls, but I didn't see a documention about a JavaScript APi for this datatable.


      I use RichFaces 3.3.3 Final.


      I tried to use this code to access the component API, but no success:




      I've also noticed that this object is created in the generated script in the page containing the scrollable data table:


      window.Richfaces_ScrollableGrid_mainView_j_id80_myComponentId = new ClientUI.controls.grid.ScrollableGrid(...);


      And this object contains all the methods and properties I need, how to retreive it ?


      Could someone help me please ?


      Thanks by advance.