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    How to cope with delayed AJAX events on Microsoft IE-7/8

    Christian Groove Newbie

      Dear Sirs,


      a couple of months ago we started a web-application project using richfaces.

      Out goal was to use AJAX techniques, in oder to provide a user friendly

      access to our technical application.


      We intentionally ignored any compatibility issues on Microsoft browsers

      and followed to code against standard browsers like Firefox Chrome or

      Safari. For us it was important not to fritter with browsers internals but

      to show a working application as soon as possib.le.


      The application make extensive use of:


         <a4j:support event="onXXXX" ajaxSingle="true" reRender="yyyy" />


      For any reason, the execution of the tags, that are adressed by

      reRender is delayed. So when we chantge the state one radio-button,

      the contents of its dependes dropdown-combos are not updated



      I noticed some postings, that microsoft browsers have some problems

      with pushing events in the context of the A4J framework.. Does somebody

      has some good ideas to support browsers from the evil empire.


      Iff there is no solution for AJAX i would accept a non-AJAX solution

      for IE-users, i.e. doing a full submit on each activity on the page.


      A java-script hack would also be fine.


      Any ideas out there  ????