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    JBoss 6 and JBoss Native on 64 bit MacOS

    Elias Ross Master

      JBoss + APR doesn't work on my 64 bit Mac, a MacBook Pro. This is because the libraries are targeted for i386. (So I suspect...)

      MacBook-Pro:jboss elias$ ld bin/native//libapr-
      ld: warning: -arch not specified
      ld: warning: in bin/native//libapr-, file was built for i386 which is not the architecture being linked (x86_64)
      ld: could not find entry point "start" (perhaps missing crt1.o) for inferred architecture x86_64


      There's a problem finding Java headers when building the library, given the (strange) location headers are installed for Mac Java. I managed to fix this in a clumsy way. Still, it's targeting i386 on this machine. (I may be able to fix this...)


      The libraries also get put into the wrong place (?). At least not in the path defined by run.sh, though I tried to fix this as well.




      You'd think those dylib libraries would go into lib? I'm not really a Mac dev, though.