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    a4j:commandButton Not Invoking the Backing Bean Method

    Sathesh Kumar Newbie

      Hi Every One,

      I was working on a Modal Panel which utilizes rich:listShuttle component with a4j:commandButton. The idea is when you click the button the values in the target will be updated in the database.

      But the problem is when i clicked that command button, the action property method never invoked. If i put the same command button with the action, without the list:Shuttle component, the button is working.


      Richfaces 3.1.5 GA
      JSF 1.1
      RAD 7.0
      Websphere 6.1

      Below i pasted the snippet of my code:

      manageResource.updateResources this method never invoked by that button.

      <rich:listShuttle var="resource" fastMoveControlsVisible="false" fastOrderControlsVisible="false"
      orderControlsVisible="false" sourceListWidth="220" targetListWidth="220"
      sourceValue="#{resourceContext.availableResources}" targetValue="#{resourceContext.activeResources}"
      <f:facet name="sourceCaption">Available Resources</f:facet>
      <f:facet name="targetCaption">Assigned Resources</f:facet>
      <a4j:commandButton id="updateButton" event="onclick" value="Update" styleClass="button"
      action="#{manageResource.updateResources}" reRender="assignResourceForm, businessUnitSelectForm" />

      Thanks in Advance