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    <a4j:region> reRender Problem

    Kapil Nimje Newbie



      I am facing problem while reRendering the region from <a4j:commadButton> component.


      I have four separate .xhtml pages. and one main.xhtml page the four pages are included in <a4:region>  in main page as below


                  <a4j:region id="creative_section">

                      <ui:include src="creative.xhtml"/>



                  <a4j:region id="questionnaire_section">

                      <ui:include src="questionnaire.xhtml"/>



                  <a4j:region id="registration_section">

                      <ui:include src="registration.xhtml"/>



                  <a4j:region id="endscreen_section">

                      <ui:include src="endScreen.xhtml"/>



      The <a4j:commadButton> is in a different page. Now I want to reRender all the region when clicking on the button.


      <a4j:commandButton value="Save Changes" action="#{projectController.createAction}"

      reRender="creative_section,questionnaire_section,registration_section,endscreen_section" immediate="true"/>&#160;


      I don't know why the above code doesn't work.