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    problem with selectmanycheckbox

    pouria kazemi Newbie

      hi experts today i encountered another problem with selectmanycheckbox ;the snippet code including


      <h:selectManyCheckbox value="#{conversationBean.oneList}">

          <s:selectItems value="#{conversationBean.anotherList}" var="something" label="#{something.name}">





      and now i need to persist a list of selected(checked) from conversationBean.anotherList into conversationBean.oneList . i don,t know how to? please F1 me.(i mean i,m really get in trouble and really need your help)


      more details of my problem is :

      my xhtml tags :

      <rich:dataTable var="_se" value="#{positionTypeSeverityConversation.GetSeverityTypeName()}">


              <h:outputText value="#{_se.name}" />



        <h:selectManyCheckbox id="severityList" onchange="submit()"


      ----> here i dont know what to place with ? (?=someKinfOfList)

      <s:selectItems var="_seList"


            label="#{_se.name}" />


         <s:convertEntity />







         <h:commandButton id="save" value="Save"


            style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Abyssinica SIL';" />


      <s:button view="/setting/hr/PositionType.xhtml" id="cancelAdd"


      <f:param name="positionTypeId" value="#{positionTypeId}" />



      with this tag ---> <s:selectItems var="_seList"



          label="#{_se.name}" /> i fill list check box. and user can select of them.my problem is to sending id's of severityhai's which was selected to


      ---> <h:selectManyCheckbox id="severityList" onchange="submit()"


      value="#{positionTypeSeverityConversation.?">. and atleast i should persist severity's at PositionTypeSeverity table.well i have 3 tables 1-Severity 2-SeverityType 3-PositionTypeSeverity and 1-Severity with 2-SeverityType has n--->1 relation And 1-Severity with 3-PositionTypeSeveity has 1---->n relation.





      public class PositionTypeSeverityConversationBean implements

         PositionTypeSeverityConversation, Serializable {


      private static final long serialVersionUID = -3604911984259043624L;



      private Log log;


      private EntityManager entityManager;

      private PositionTypeSeverity positionTypeSeverity;

      private SeverityType severityType;




      public List<SeverityType> GetSeverityTypeName(){

        return (List<SeverityType>) this.entityManager.createQuery(

      " from SeverityType s ("

      . getResultList();




      public List<SeverityType> GetSeverityList(long id) {

        return (List<Severity>) this.entityManager.createQuery(

      " from Severity s where s.severityType.id = :id("

      . setParameter("id", id(

      . getResultList();





          with a hql query i did select from Severity and show the list in ---><s:selectItems var="_seList"




          label="#{_se.name}" /> and do not know how to persist severity's which selectd . i need a java method to persist them.and i know i should send id of the severity's which selected to a list but i couldnt find good example most people use static list to show items and send a name to selectmanycheckbox value;