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    Remove "classic" Portal

    Adin MR Newbie



      Is it possible to remove the classic portal in GateIn?


      Appreciate your input. Thanks a lot.

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          The Helper Newbie

          Come on folks - there must be a way to remove the classic????

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            Julien Viet Apprentice

            you need to set another portal than "classic" as default portal in the XML configuration file portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/portal/portal-configuration.xml :


                      <description>The default portal for checking db is empty or not</description>



            The portal admin checks if the name of the portal is the default portal and does not provide the option to remove it for safety reasons.

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              The Helper Newbie

              Excellent Julien!


              Actual steps:


              1.  Logon as admin

              2.  Click on "Site" from the top navigation

              3.  Click on "Add New Portal" button and go through the steps in creating a new site

              4.  Stop JBoss Portal

              5.  Edit the ..../02portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/portal/portal-configuration.xml

              6.  Search for: default.portal and you will find in two nodes below the value is listed as classic.

              7.  Change the value of classic to the new portal name that you created in step 3.

              8.  Restart the portal

              9.  Fin.