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    Rerender programmatically generated part

    Balázs Németh Newbie



      I have a div in an xhtml page which I'm binding to a backing bean attribute, and I build a complex tree under it. I have a list of comments, their reply comments, their own reply boxes and functions, as you could imagine a community site wall for example.


      What I want to do is rerender only a part of that programmatically built tree but I cannot achieve for some unknown reason. I can pass the ID of that very top div to rerender but if I pass the ID of a parent div of a reply box for example, the part does not get rerendered. The whole page uses a single form, all elements use unique, generated IDs which are forced IDs (t:div forceID=true), also I debugged everything, the ajax commands' rerender attributes are correctly set to the generated IDs, but still I cannot see any change. If I set a non-valid ID, in the log I can see 'WARN (AjaxContext) - Target component for id MYID not found' but never the generated and correctly set ID, that's why I assume it's set correctly.


      So does someone any idea why it won't work?


      Any help is appreciated!