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    Which utility should be used to generate WSDL with CXF stack?

    Kuntal Mondal Newbie


      I am using JBoss 6.0.GA with CXF web service stack (that comes with default installation).

      For generating artifacts from WSDL I find the class "org/apache/cxf/tools/wsdlto/WSDLToJava"  which is part of {JBOSS}\server\common\lib\cxf-tools-wsdlto-core.jar".


      But for generating WSDL from service class, I do not find any such utility like org.apache.cxf.tools.java2wsdl.JavaToWSDL.

      The only JavaToWSDL class I find is org/jboss/ws/tools/JavaToWSDL which is part of {JBOSS}\server\common\lib\jbossws-native-core.jar.

      This does not look like a CXF library.


      From "Apache CXF" website if I download the CXF distribution I find that org/jboss/ws/tools/JavaToWSDL is part of cxf-2.3.2.jar.

      Is there a possibility that JBoss6 does not include that jar (i.e. cxf-2.3.2.jar) ?


      So my question is which utility should I use to generate WSDL with CXF stack in JBoss 6?



      Thanks in advance,

      - Kuntal