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    JBoss Database

    Adin MR Newbie



      I am using the GateIn portal, which runs on JBoss.


      I understood that JBoss has created it's memory database, which means the server can still be run even without external database installed. In order to get my GateIn running, there is a table from that database I need to delete, which is the JCR_CONFIG table.


      My problem right now is how do we connect to that HSQL database? i.e, what is the default port? what is the dba username and password? and what is the name of the database? I did not recall any steps that I configure all of these.


      Need your help and advice. Thanks a lot in advance.

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          Thomas Heute Master

          The configuration for database can be found in:



          # JCR








          ${gatein.db.data.dir} translates into $GATEIN_HOME/server/default/data/gatein/db (By default)


          Note that It's not configured to be in-memory but file based. Which means that if you want to delete all data stored by the portal and start fresh you can delete $GATEIN_HOME/server/default/data (You will also lose all portals you may have defined)

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            Adin MR Newbie

            Hi Thomas,


            Here you are again, and I really appreciate it. Anyways, speaking of that JCR_CONFIG table, I can't find it anyware in that database. How can I delete it, as per you recommendation?

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              Adin MR Newbie

              Got it!


              Thank you very much Thomas, for your assistance. I appreciate it. Have a good day!