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    rich:dataTable style not applied ? - 4.0.0 M5

    Jérôme Jadoulle Newbie



      I am making use of a <rich:dataTable> in the form below in my application.


      <rich:dataTable var="currentEvent"

                  rendered="#{!empty multiCriteriaSearchBean.results}"

                  value="#{multiCriteriaSearchBean.results}" style="width: 100%;">


                // Definition of column and column headers here.  All works fine



      The inline style I am passing to the table does not make it to the final page in the <table> tag but inside it, in the <tbody> tag only.  Under firefox, this does not make my table fit to the width of the available space.


      Is it still possible to pass a style to the table element itself?


      Thank you for your help,