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    Reason RichFaces doesn't set client-side Expiry headers?

    Richard Kennard Novice

      Hi guys,

      First, many thanks for such an awesome component library!

      My question: is there any reason RichFaces doesn't set the client-side HTTP Expiry header (and associated No-Cache headers) on its resources?

      Using Firefox's FireBug, you can see almost all resources report '304 Not Modified'...

      ...many more

      ...but you still need to do a server trip to obtain that 304. There are around 10 such requests per page.

      I have had good success in my own code dramatically improving performance by setting client side Expiry headers of, say, 1 hour for all .js, .css and image files.

      Is there a reason RichFaces doesn't too? Or is there somewhere I can turn it on?