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    DataTable does not refresh as per the results retrieved.

    Harish Ashwathnarayan Newbie



      On the search page, I do a default(blank) search to retrieve the search results, this result will have three columns A, B and C. The data retrieved from the database is by the order of A. Thus the results are displayed by the order A.


      I do a sort on B or C column of the search results, Now, I do a default(blank) search again. Though the new search result is coming from the DB, it is not based on the sorted order A. it retains the sorted order of B or C, which was sorted earlier.


      I have made sure to have the search result page refreshed for every new search. I'm really sure why it is displaying the results based on the last sorted order.


      I need to display the search results for every new search based on the order of column A, the same fashion of how it is retrieved from the DB.


      Please help, this fix is very urgent for me.