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    suggestionBox/Master + selectOneMenu/Detail

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I use JSF2/Richfaces3.3.3.

      I have a "suggestionBox for clients". When the user selects one client, I have to fill the "selectOne for client contacts".

      There are two database tables: Clients 1 - N ClientContacts.


      Then, I configured suggestionBox like this:

      <rich:suggestionbox id="client" ... OTHERCONFIGS ... process="client" reRender="clientContact"/>


      I thought that when the user selected a client, "process" tag would set my entity field "client", and automatically

      by "reRender" tag the method to fill "clientContact" would be called. But I put some System.out.println into method

      to fill "clientContact" and the "client" is always null.


      What's the problem with my logic for master/detail? Is there some other way to make this work?