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    JBoss AS6: new jbossall-client.jar and JavaWebStart

    Thomas Nagel Newbie

      Hello all,


      here's another question regarding JBoss AS6:


      we currently use JavaWebStart to download a JBoss-Client to the user's PC.

      In the respective ".jnlp" file we simply named the jbossall-client.jar file (plus a small number of others).


      But now this jbossall-client.jar changed, from containing all classes that a client would use,

      to only containing references to all the other JARs in the server's client directory (~170 files).


      Does that mean we have to put all those files on the download list?

      If so, it makes JWS nearly unusable. (Or, the AS6 for this kind of application ;]


      Not only would it cost a huge performance penalty to download all those JARs to all client PCs,

      but it would also take a considerable time to transfer the ".jnlp" file and compare for changes on every load,

      plus we would have to sign all those files,

      -- out of which probably 95% to 98% never will be used by those clients.


      Is there a way to reduce this unwanted ammount to the needed minimum?


      Any hints greatly appreciated.

      Regards from germany,

      Thomas Nagel