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    jboss negotiation 2.0.3 SP3 on download page

    John Ruiz Newbie

      Anil, Darran, et. al,


      I see that jboss-negotiation-2.0.3.SP3 has been tagged in svn and had its issues resolved, but I notice that it isn't the "latest" download made available on the picketbox downloads page (still SP2). I desperately need SP3 because it fixes this bug which I am experiencing.


      I've anonymously checked out the source for SP3, but I'd much rather download the binaries (and the excellent user guide that comes with it).


      Is there a reason it hasn't been placed on the downloads page?  Do you see any reason why I couldn't build it myself and use it in production?  I've been using 2.0.3.GA with Windows XP clients (but now I'm using 2008R2/Win7) -- what configuration changes are different between 2.0.3.GA and 2.0.3.SP3?


      Thank you very much for any guidance,

      John Ruiz