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    rich:panelMenu expanded group

    Reinhard Schwegler Newbie

      if I have rich:panelMenuGroups in the panelMenu

      and one of them is expanded ,

      I now tried to add styles to the id , which I can give (more or less / little tranformations ... ) to the rich:panelMenuGroup

      and it works ---- for about one second or two -- then the style is away

      the same happens if i add a class

      so it seem s only if you use iconExpanded this will stay

      when you use onexpand and then add with javascript some styles / classes
      they will be removed if the next node of the submenu is clicked

      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="eins" id="eins_id" styleClass="hmp" onexpand="expand('eins_id')"

      function expand(a){
       var x = document.getElementById('tablehidej_id24:' + a );
      x.className = "dr-pmenu-top-group rich-pmenu-top-group rich-pmenu-group hmp hmp_active";

      <style type='text/css'>.hmp_active{background-position:0 -20px;font-weight:bold;color:#4c4c4c;}</style>