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      • 15. Re: JBoss 6 Virtual Directory-Virtual Path
        deepavs Newbie


        I have been trying to access some image files outside webapp of JBOSS6 and I followed the above steps defined. I have created the web application war with symbolic link specified in my jsp as

        <img src="enhanceImgsLnk/Image/enhance.png" border=1> and deployed war file in JBoss6 in linux machine.


        I didnot configure allowLinking="true" in Jboss's context.xml as I have read it as,

        NOTE : allowLinking="true", this allows Jboss to publish symbolic links on all apps in your application server, if you want to restrict it to just one particular app, you have to edit the context.xml in your specific application folder


        ButI added a context file to my project WEB-INF folder with allowLinking="true" and then created a symbolic link from JBoss's deploy directory from Linux machine,

        using the command       ln -s /home/enhancedImages enhanceImgsLnk

        Here /home/enhancedImages is the location of my images.

        The symbolic link got created, but I am not getting the image in my application.Am I doing correctly or missing anything?

        Please reply.

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