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    load / stress testing richfaces jsf application

    Matt Gallina Newbie

      Does anyone have any experiance or articles they could suggest relating to stress testing a richfaces application on jboss? Specifically I'm looking to simulate 100 concurrent users accessing a richfaces application from a single server.


      I've read that apache JMeter and jsfunit can help acheive this, but was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials or examples of setting this up or has any other suggestions all together?

        • 1. load / stress testing richfaces jsf application
          Ilya Sorokoumov Master

          In JMeter are able to run very big amount of thread simultaneously but JMeter does not work with JS so it's not easy to test your AJAX features.

          HtmlUnit(JSFUnit based on it) have a built-in JS engine which allow you to completely simulate behavior of the real browser. But this framework is first of all intended to be used in Unit testing thus it uses much more resourses than JMeter.