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    manual management of a clustered ejb




      I have an issue about an ejb clustered; sometime I need to manage this ejb manually throught a custom mbean on JMX console. This work must be done for each single node of the cluster.

      During the this work the ejb manged should not recive any request by the external client, so I want to unbind manually the ejb from JNDI or apply some other workaround that let me work on the ejb (so the ejb must be deployed and started) but without any request at the service.


      I have also thinked about stop each RMI request working on jboss.remoting paramenters, but this is not settable at runtime (maybe I'm wrong about this).


      My JBOSS version is 4.2.0.


      Can you help me to found some solution at this question?

      Thanks in advance for any answer.