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    FileSystemRootDirectory breaks dev & deployment use-case

    keith freeman Newbie



      I just started using JBPM 4.3 with JBoss 5.1, and ran into a problem with the FileSystemRootDirectory parameter in the jbpmeditor web.xml. In development my team has always been able to use jboss installed locally (to our /home/<user-id> directories) and just copy around changes with no problems. Now that we've installed and are trying to use the jbpmeditor, this (well-known I think) ability to just copy the jboss directory tree around and use is broken because of the hard-coded path in FileSystemRootDirectory which (in our case) is different on every machine.


      Simply using a directory that's consistent across all our dev and test machines isn't practical for us (we've been doing it this way for 3 years). Is there any workaround, e.g. can I use directory relative to an environment variable?