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    update weld in jboss as 6

    nimo stephan Master

      Jboss as 6 final includes the weld version 1.1.Beta2.


      What should I do to update this version with the newer one (actually version 1.1.0.FINAL). Is it enough to provide this version via my pom:








      Or should I overwrite the weld-core, weld-api, weld-spi within the jboss-lib directory with the newer version? What about the jar-versions.xml which is in the jboss-directory - should I update the related entries, too ?


      <jar name="weld-api.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-core-jsf-only.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-core-no-jsf.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-int-deployer-mc-int.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-int-deployer.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-int-ejb.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-int-webtier.jar" ..

      <jar name="weld-spi.jar" ..


      What is the best way for such situations?