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    JBoss remoting Thread Pool

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      I'm currently setting up crash tests for an application hosted by AS 6.0.Final. In these tests, a class running in a standalone JVM invokes remotely and concurrently (thousands of times in hundreds of threads) a SLSB.


      The maximum instance number the test made loaded was 300 (default max value). I changed the remoting-jboss-beans.xml file located in deploy to increase the number of workers:


         <property name="serverParameters">
               <map keyClass="java.lang.String" valueClass="java.lang.String">
                  <!-- Selected optional parameters: -->
                  <!-- Maximum number of worker threads on the      -->
                  <!-- server (socket transport).  Defaults to 300. -->
                  <entry><key>maxPoolSize</key> <value>700</value></entry>
                  <!-- Number of seconds after which an idle worker thread will be    -->
                  <!-- purged (socket transport).  By default purging is not enabled. -->
                  <entry><key>idleTimeout</key> <value>20</value></entry>

      But the AS got exactly the same behavior as before the parameter modification as if nothing changed. Can you please give me clues about the way to control the number of maximum parallel invocations the SLSB can remotely handle?


      Of course consider the above setting for observing the behavior and not for production.