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    Simple Portal: which portlets get rendered when processAction returns?

    davidyan Newbie

      Hi. I've been doing some experiments using the Portlet Container, controlling what portals get displayed for a given user with a custom taglib that checks the user's entitlements.


      That worked out pretty well, so I also developed a simple impersonation portlet (that authorizes the user to assume someone else's identity). I then noticed a very odd behavior when the  processAction method returns and the page is refreshed: the portlets that are rendered are those of the previous user / page, not the new ones, and their contents are apparently delivered in sequence to the portletmarkup tags of the page (for the new user). As a result, the contents on page are offset in the most bizarre fashion! Say user 1 can see portlets A and C, user 2 can see A, B and C; when switching from user 1 to user 2, the (new) output of C is used in lieu of B's, and nothing is displayed for C! When I manually refresh the page one more time, the problem disappears.

      What's happening? Does that behavior find its origin in the Portlet Container per se or Simple Portal (its taglib)? Is there any simple fix? (I'm obviously a newcomer to portals and portlets...)


      In passing, I have started those experiment because I was under the impression that, in GateIn, one can customize authentication (e.g., using SSO) but not authorization (users / groups / permissions management). Am I wrong and are there clean ways to "inject" a custom permission management system in GateIn?


      Thanks in advance,