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    Calender organizer functionality with rich faces- how?

    narvava Newbie

      Dear all,

      I am developing an application with richfaces where I need to implement following functionality.

      I need to implement Calender organizer functionality with following features.

      1) Need to iterate Schedules created by the user and need to display on respective date cells in editable mode.

      2) Should be able to delete or edit the schedule on particular day.

      3) Need to display some user specific information for each day for the selected month. etc.....

      I am trying to do this with rich calendar organizer.

      But what I get from the forum is that we can not achieve this functionality using rich calendar organizer which does not have server side support as of now.

      I am using richfaces 3.3.3.

      Could anybody suggest the best way to achieve this?.