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    Move a portal from one env to another env

    Giovanni Marigi Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I'm a bit confused because I don't understand what is the right procedure to move a portal from one environment (staging) to another (production).

      I think I must perform these steps:

      - copy my extension project (.war) from one gatein to another gatein

      - modify the conf files in production gatein as I did in staging gatein

      - export (from staging database) and import (into production database) idm(JB_*) and jcr tables (JCR_*) (?)

      - copy the contents of gatein\data from staging to production (?)


      I really don't know if it could be considered a right procedure but I can't still find in manuals how to move a portal in production.

      or maybe it's impossible to estabilish a "connection" between one gatein env to another gatein env and each env must be customized from scratch? (I hope no!).