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    Issue in CR1 visual editor

    henk de boer Master

      I'm using the JBoss tools visual editor (richfaces) on Eclipse 3.6.1 using JBoss tools 3.2 CR1 on Mac OS X 10.6 64 bits.


      I encountered a few small oddities. First of all, after I upgraded from Beta 2 and let Eclipse restart, I opened an .xhtml page and got an editor with no tabs. In this editor, tag completion worked, but I could not navigate into a tag. I checked the name of the editor was "JBoss Tools HTML Editor".


      When I restarted Eclipse this morning, I suddenly got a slightly different look in the editor. This time there were tabs. I verified the name was still the same and it was. This is what the tabs look like:



      This is by itself correct. Xulrunner and 64 bits just don't work together (except on Linux) and the fact that the editor now starts is perfect. But I wonder why the first time I didn't had these tabs and after the second restart they suddenly were there.


      A few small things to consider here:


      • Since Visual/Source and Preview is not available, it might be better to have Source as the default for this platform.
      • The message is not really informative. It's just the exception message. I foresee a lot of support questions from users that might be prevented by having a clear message here.
      • There is a link to the faq at the bottom, but it does not lead to any info about this situation.


      Also strangely enough, I'm now able to navigate into tags, something I wasn't able to do before the second restart.