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    Ajax response and accented characters

    Felix Sima Newbie


        I am using richfaces to build my application. Using the <a4j:log/> tag, I can see that  the ajax responses containing accented characters (italian characters) give errors during the parsing of xml

      error[16:05:47,851]: Error parsing XML
      error[16:05:47,851]: Parse Error: Document is empty

      The same request/response, using data without accented characters works fine. The document is NOT empty.

      The content-type of the response is  "Response with content-type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8"
      I have checked using XMLSpy that the response is a well formed xml file.

         Any idee how to fix this error?
         Any help will be highly appreciated.
         Thank you.

      Best regards,

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          Felix Sima Newbie




          I have found the problem and its solution.
          The accented characters were represented by the HTML's special symbols (à, è, etc). But in XML "&" is a reference to an entity. Those entities were not defined in my xml. The solution was to prepend their definition to my xml, like this:


          <!DOCTYPE newsletter [
          ><!ENTITY nbsp " ">
          <!ENTITY lt "<">
          <!ENTITY igrave "ì">



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