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    is it possible to intercept calls of methods belonging to an abstract class with javassist?

    Sergio Celentano Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I ve looked tons of papers and tutorials about javassist, but I could not find any work-around for this issue.

      Maybe someone of you already ran into this problem and can help me.


      I only want to know if there's a way (at least the possibility) to intercept calls of static methods belonging to an abstract class through javassist trapMethodCall() function.

      I got no problem doing this with public classes (of which I have an instanced object), but when I pass an abstract class to makeReflective() method I cant intercept the calls made to its methods (nothing happens).


      I remember that Java Reflection API gave a way to invoke static methods and I suppose that I can somehow do the same with Javassist.


      Thanks in advance for any reply =)


      Best regards,