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    WebDAV access to JCR

    Rich Raposa Novice

      I am trying to browse the JCR of EPP5.1 using WebDAV. I enter the following URL:




      I'm prompted for a username/password for the gatein-domain realm. I try root/gtn, but all I get is:


      Access denied []:1 for __anonim


      I'm either using the wrong credentials or I am doing something wrong. Anyone familiar with this?




        • 1. WebDAV access to JCR
          Rich Raposa Novice

          I'm not exactly sure what I did, but I got this to finally work. I had a portal container extension in my /deploy folder that may have been messing with my security domain. Plus I was having a caching problem, so restarting my browser helped also.


          You should be able to login to WebDAV without any configuration - just use root/gtn as the credentials.

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