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    weld beans not detected inside EAR in jBoss 6 final

    ptr deko Newbie



      This is maybe a vague question. I am working on an older application that is using EJB3/JPA/Hibernate and... Struts.  We are trying to both migrate from jboss 5 to 6 and also towards JSF2/Richfaces4/Weld.


      How I did this is adapt a default jboss 6 installation until everything worked. Then I started changing our maven projects/plugins which are very custom.


      The strange thing is that both jboss 6 installs now seam equal to me, but that weld beans are not detected in this second jboss 6: "Target Unreachable, identifier 'xxxxBean' resolved to null"


      Now I understand that this is not enough information to tell me what the problem is. But could someone tell me what classes I could debug in order to discover why the weld beans aren't active or visible ?



      I do have a beans.xml in the WEB-INF folder and beans.xml files in the META-INF folders of the necessary jar files, but again, in the first jboss 6 I configured everything works.