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    problem rerendering datascroller in extendeddatatable

    Ronald van Kuijk Master


      I have a extendeddatatable with a serializablemodel behind it. I do not use any of the built in filtering and sorting since that is not sufficient and performs poorly. Therfore my model also implements modifiable so I can do all the filtering/sortint etc myself. This makes the extendeddatatable perform nicely but....

      The datascroller does not show fewer pages if the filtering is on. The orignal number of pages is always shown. I've tried rerendering the datascroller explcitly from the extendeddatatable, via a4j:support, a4j:jsfunction (in combination with oncomplete) etc, I' ve tried putting it before, in and after the footer facet, even put it fully outside the table with a 'for' attribute set, but to no avail. I've even removed all of the a4j:region stuff, put things in a4j:form instead of normal form and what more. I'm all out of options and do not know which of the mentioned 'trials' I should post.

      I'm beginning to suspect it might not work at all this way, but it does work if the build-in filtering is used. Since it is currently acceptable for the screencast I'm going to make, but next week I'll try to dig into the code of the datatable to try and find out why it does not work. But if anybody has any clue, or can confirm it not working that that will save me a lot of time. Well, eventually not really since I'd like to help fix it.