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    Point the DeploymentScanner at my project (without copying project to the JBoss deploy folder)

    Kevin Sheedy Newbie

      My understanding of the DeploymentScanner is that it scans the JBoss deploy folder for any folders or archives that end in .war or .ear etc. Depending on the file extension of the archive / folder, it picks a deployer to use eg WARDeployer or EARDeployer.


      I'm working on a web project under CVS. We're using an exploded archive so that we can do hot-deploys to a local jBoss. Whenever we want to deploy anything, we use Ant to build and copy files from this folder:


      to this folder:



      This copy step seems like a waste of time seeing as both folders are (practically) identical.

      Is there any way to tell JBoss to treat "C:\cvs\MyWebProject\" as an exploded war?


      (Using symlinks / junction points to keep the folders synched seems to work but I'd prefer a simpler solution that the whole team can share ie with config files that can be added to source control)