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    Envers Usage for "Audit Log"

    J Edgar Newbie



      I am new to Envers and I have a general question of the usage:


      We have the requirement in our application that changes on some objects should be journalized - the "audit log" concept.

      Not a requirement is to restore old versions - the "audit trail" concept.


      A solution for this could be a central database table, which is filled HibernateInterceptors or with Database-Triggers and stores:








      -operation (insert, update, delete)


      A solution for this with HibernateInterceptors is described here http://community.jboss.org/wiki/AuditLogging


      Is this also possible with Envers? The usage of the annotations is very convenient ...


      We also need to provide a frontend for the audit-log.

      In Envers we have to find out the changes with comparation of two successive versions, perhaps timeconsuming.

      This would be much more simple with one audit-log table.

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          Adam Warski Master

          No, Envers doesn't support the central-table concept. However you could quite easily leverage quite a lot of Envers code to achieve that (change the mapping and the work units).


          Also, even with the central-table concept, I think it would be good to separate it into two: data and revision info, so that you can group changes made in one tx/by one user at a time easily using a foreign key.


          As for comparing two versions, it's a matter of comparing the fileds in two entities - this can be time-consuming if you've got very large entities .