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    Drag support for drop zone (Drag & Drop)

    Shaiju CK Newbie


      I have used drag & Drop component successfully and its working fine.Now I want to implement drag support for the drop zone i.e I should be able to drag and drop the same element I have drag & dropped earlier to the dropzone (drag & drop within the drop zone) Is this possible? If so any idea how this can be done?


      I tries to add


      <rich:dragSupport  dragType="transferReq" 


                                                    dragIndicator=":indicator"          >                 

                                           <rich:dndParam name="label" value="#{currentpost.joiningEmployee.name}" />





      Over the same a4j:outputPanel where I have added rich:dropSupport.

      But this seems to be not working. Is this a right approach , where I might have done something wrong or is there a better way to do this?