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    Problem on form submission the second time.

    Romeo Zdrite Newbie



      I'm using Richfaces 3.3.0 combined with JSF2.

      When I first click the action to save the data on the form in the database, it works correctly. If the validations on the form fail, the page is refreshed and the user is allowed to retype the missing/invalid fields.

      When the user submits the form this second time, when the page refreshes, the page is displayed in plain text, and the buttons have no action associated with them (they don't work).

      The Glassfish 3.0 server I'm using doesn't report any exceptions when this page is displayed.

      I tried removing certain fields/components of the form and rerun the test, and the problem is still there, and only in this form.

      Is this a compatibility issue between Richfaces 3.3.0 and JSF2?

      What's curious is that I have other forms that perform similar operations, but I guess they might ocupy less memory, as other forms in the application work with less objects. If it's a server memory problem, how can I allocate more?