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    rich:tree with ui:repeat for treeNodes

    harpritt k Novice

      Hi All


      Ive been srtuggling with this since 3 pm yesterday, i found one article in the Seam forum.... close but no cigar


      I would like to dynamically generate the treeNodes that represent all the "node faces" that i need.


      I wanted to do somthing like this .....


      <rich:tree value="#{myRootTreeNode}" var="ele" nodeFace="#{ele.elementType}">
           <ui:repeat value="#{myNodeHelper.allNodeFaces}" var="nf">
                <rich:treeNode type="#{nf.type}">
                     <h:outputText value="#{ele.label}" />

      but this wont work .....


      I was wondering what would be the best way to get around this..... i was thinkng of binding to the rich:tree and creating the tree:nodes programatically.


      As allways any help is greatly appreciated




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