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    how add image inside h:selectOneRadio

    Agustin Sivoplás Ferrari Expert

      I try this, but not works. I search in google but i'm not sure if i can do this.


      <h:selectOneRadio layout="pageDirection" styleClass="labelWhite" value="#{administracionBean.idioma}">
           <f:selectItem itemLabel="#{msg.inglesLabel}" itemValue="en_US">
                <h:graphicImage value="/images/UnitedKindom.png" />
           <f:selectItem itemLabel="#{msg.espaniolLabel}" itemValue="es_ES">
                <h:graphicImage value="/images/Spain.png" />




      I need to put the images near the radios, but there are always above.


      Anyone have a solution?


      If i can't do this, what richfaces component recommended to do this?


      Thanks in advanced