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    Scripts re-rendered by ajax not executed - critical

    Bernard Labno Master

      There is a bug in HtmlUnit which prevents re-rendered scripts from being executed. I've reported it at htmlunit mailing list:



      This is a pain if you have i.e. table with datascroller in second tab of your tab panel that works in ajax mode. To display the table you need to click on a tab, which re-renders part of page with the tabe and script that initializes datascroller. Now, the script doesn't get executed and you may wonder for a long time why clicking on datascroller doesn't trigger another ajax request.


      As a temporary workaround call this method after ajax request:

      public static void executeAjaxReRenderedScripts(HtmlPage page) {

              final DomNodeList<HtmlElement> scripts = page.getElementsByTagName("script");


               * We cannot iterate over html DomNodeList cause it depends on sibling relationship which we will modify.


              final List<HtmlElement> scriptsList = new ArrayList<HtmlElement>();

              for (HtmlElement element : scripts) {



              for (HtmlElement element : scriptsList) {

                  if (element.getChildNodes().size() > 1) {


                      final DomNode sibling = element.getNextSibling();

                      final DomNode parentNode = element.getParentNode();


                       * Script will be executed upon inserting into DOM tree, so we removed and add it again.


                      if (sibling != null) {



                      } else {








      A visible sign that the script has not beed executed is such output when you call scriptElement.asXml():

      <script type="text/javascript">