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    Rich editor and seamtext conversion

    David Herrera Alonso Newbie

      Hi to all :)

      I have a question/doubt. In rich editor component, when useSeamText attribute is set to 'true', the result text conversion always have two end of line ("\n" on Java) characters.

      For example:
      The next text: "Hello world"
      Will be: "Hello world\n\n" after conversion.

      Is this an error or a requirement of SeamText?

      Also, I have see that any "enter" input generates the same, two end of line ("\n") characters.
      For example:
      "Line one
      line two"

      After conversion it will be: "Line one\n\nline two\n\n"

      Maybe there is the error (if it is an error, maybe it isn't because requirements of SeamText). Rich editor converts all "breakline" o "enter" into two end of line ("\n") characters, but it wouldn't be necessary with the final end of line.

      Then in xhtml, seamtext works fine with converted text. But It works fine too with text without final two end of line characters. The problem is when you use this text in java code for example. You would probably find yourself adding on your function, control code to avoid these two "\n".

      The question is... is this an error? If true, I will open a JIRA with these issue :).

      Sorry if I don't explain it correctly, I don't manage english 100% correct, but I hope it should be understandably.