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    EJB3 Web Service not deploying properly with jbossws-cxf-3.3.1

    Andrew Ramos Newbie

      I am currently running JBOSS SOA Platform 5.0.1 with jbossws-cxf-3.3.1.


      I am trying to deploy an EJB3 web service which includes a custom WSDL (In other words I do not want JBOSS to generate the WSDL).

      The EJB3 bean specifyies a wsdlLocation using the @WebService(wsdlLocation="META-INF/wsdl/xxx.wsdl") annotation.


      However, when I deploy the EJB3 jar file JBOSS deploys it fine but ignores my custom WSDL. When I deploy the exact same jar file to JBOSS SOA Platform 5.0.1 using the Native Web Stack everything works fine?


      Any suggestions about what I am doing wrong with CXF?