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    Problem with expanding same treenode again

    Gen Sys Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have problem with expanding the same tree node for the second time. My functionality is following: 1. search specific trree node 2. get its parent and 3. expand and select parent node. I use follwing methods:

                  treeState.expandNode(structureTree, parentRowKey);



      and it works fine when I  perforn serach for the first time. Parent node is found, opened and selected. If I close the tree and search again the same node it is not expanded. If I perform the same search fo rthe third time it is opened.

      If I search every time different row it works fine - every time the proper node is expanded and seleced. The problem occurs only when I try to expand one node two consequent ttimes.  Method setSelected is working fine every time no matter if node target node is the same or different.


      Please advise what might be the problem.