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    <rich:panelMenu> CSS Issues - IE & FF

    Hemant Gupta Newbie



      I have been trying to use <rich:panelMenu> and I am using the snapshot version dated February 4, 2011. However, I am facing certain issues like:


      1. No Image appears by default
      2. After using the label property for <rich:panelMenuGroup> the background is white its not transparent. I check out the snapshot jars and added a new property "background: transparent" to one of the classes and then the white background issue was resolved.


      I am using Facelets and JSF version 2.1.0 Nightly Build with Richfaces latest snapshot version. The JSF Code is as follows:


            <a4j:repeat rows="10" value="#{claimsListBean.claimsList}" var="data">

                   <rich:panelMenuGroup mode="client" label="#{data.title}">

                            <h:outputText value="some Text" />





      IE 8 Image for the same: IE image.JPG


      FF 3.6.13 Image for the same: FF Image.JPG


      Can you please help me with this or should i raise an issue on JIRA?



      Hemant Gupta