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    endorsed libs not recognized

    nimo stephan Master

      Didnt jboss tools set up the appropriate classpath for the endorsed libs of jboss 6, when using Jboss 6.1 Snapshot?


      I clicked the "Open Launch Configuration" of jboss tools server gui, which shows that the right path is set in vm-args:




      I also included the lib/endorsed to my classpath as it seems that jboss tools have not done it after creating a new server-config:


      <classpathentry kind="lib" path="D:/jboss-6.1.0-SNAPSHOT/lib/endorsed"/>


      But after all, eclipse gui does not recognize it:


      For example, when having this in my source code:



      private DataSource ds;


      eclipse complains that it cannot find the "lookup"-property of @Resource (because it looks in the false lib..j6se instead of jee).

      Normally, it should look within the endorsed libs of the jboss-path to find the appropriate activation.jar.


      So my question, does jboss tools treats such things automatically or do I have to install the plugin, described here: