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    jboss and spring - please help

    Milan Agatonovic Newbie

      Hello, we have a legacy EJB2.1 application running on JBOSS 4.2.2 GA.

      the application is packaged as ear, containing one ejb jar (no entity beans, just timers and stateless session beans) and one war.


      We also have JPA model jar that we tried to use from ejb jar, so it makes calls to our new model jar and use database configured inside our model jar. The model jar has persistence.xml, is spring & JPA based. We load spring application context on one of the stateless session beans inside ejb jar, but...


      when jboss starts up, it tries to deploy all our JPA annotated classes in model as EJB3 entity beans. We don't want that. We don't want JBOSS to know about our model at all and let spring take care of that.


      How can we tweak JBOSS deployer mechanism, so it doesn't see our model classes.


      We tried to remove ejb3 deployer, as per one article, but that didn't help.



      Desperately asking for help or hint,