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    a4j status, make div popup next to mouse pointer

    Adi Sharma Newbie

      We have a webpage that loads forms dynamically on ajax requests and can get quite long. We want to be able to display the a4j status image close to the mouse click/pointer. This is achieved easily in IE:

      <a4j:status onstart="showSpinnerDiv()" onstop="hideSpinnerDiv()" />

      showSpinerDiv() will get mouse coordinates through the global event thats available in IE. The problem is making it work with Firefox, in which case you need to pass the event to the javascript method, thus:

      <a4j:status onstart="showSpinnerDiv(event)" onstop="hideSpinnerDiv()" />

      this won't work, onstart is not a mouse event, not even a javascript event. We have one a4j status element and a div that consists of the spinner image defined in the template and none anyplace else and would like to keep it that way.

      Any javascript workarounds for this problem?