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    ClassFile write(java.io.DataOutputStream out)  generates empty file!!

    cbruguera Newbie

      Hello all, I'm working in a compiler that is generating bytecode, and I wish to only use those javassist classes that work with low-level bytecode (Bytecode, ClassFile, MethodInfo, FieldInfo, etc.). I'm not interested in high level runtime translation of any java code (so I barely need to use CtClass and similar).


      The thing is I'm creating a ClassFile object, adding a MethodInfo structure, based on an existent bytecode object (mainCode) which I know is well built. But at the end I'm trying to write the file, and it creates it, but as a 0 byte .class file.


      Is there anything that I might be missing?.. Here's my piece of code:



      ClassFile initClass = getOrCreateClass("InitClass");
      declaring = initClass;
      MethodInfo mainMethod = new MethodInfo(initClass.getConstPool(), "main", Descriptor.ofMethod(CtClass.voidType, new CtClass[0]));
      }catch(DuplicateMemberException e){
          Errors.add("Definicion duplicada para \"Accion Principal\"");


      The method getOrCreateClass is successfully instantiating a new ClassFile object and returning it.


      ...Any ideas?