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    using richfaces in right direction

    Ravi kiran Kuchika Newbie



           In my application am using the following way. Please go thru this and guide me whether am doing right or wrong.Can through ur comments(Any type).





               Am having a main.jsf with 6 menus.And in each menu am having around 10 menu items. onclick of each menuitem am going to action method, from that action method am including a jsf page with out refreshing the page with ajax mode in menuitem. And all my beans are there in keepalive.


      every time onclick of that menuitem and including a page. Is it a right approach?




      Ravi Kuchika

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          Mark Paluch Master

          Hi Ravi,

          sounds a bit like excessive AJAX overuse. With 60 AJAX Pages on one Page it could bust your Session (Memory) Size. Per Menu-Item a Page (with Page-Reload) is a better approach.


          Best regards,


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            Ilya Sorokoumov Master

            I'm gonna agree with Mark that you should better try to split all the logic on separate pages. But it depends on your requirements. Because if your customers want to have so many AJAX calls probably they won't agree with Mark's advice.

            I also want to warn you about using keepAlive tag because what's gonna happen if a user will refresh page or go to another site and then again to your app. Is it OK that all data from keepAlive beans could be lost(Think about storing some data in Session and App scopes)?