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    Null Integer/String converted to default objects?

    arnoldussen Newbie



      i am implementing search functionality for objects from the database. All is fine except for the specification of a null value for any Integer or String property of the object. Whenever a null value is passed for either of these they will be instantiated as empty string or Integer(0).


      I have tried specifying the context parameter to allow null strings to be submitted:






      but this has no effect (i was hoping this would work for both strings and integers, but it works for neither).


      I considered adding a converter to change strings to null, but then i would still have a problem for the Integer field(s). I can't turn 0 into null because sometimes the value to be searched is 0 ...


      I am using JBoss AS  6.0.0.Final (with it's standard Mojarra implementation 2.0.3)


      Ãny ideas on how to achieve a working solution are most welcome!