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    Rich:autocomplete passing event to parent

    Tor Ã…ge Ballo Newbie

      Hi, I'm having some problems using the rich:autocomplete in a table or a three structure. The problem is that the event from the autocomplete i passed along to it's parent causing the parent to do things like change active row.


      I have recived the problem using openFaces threeTable but reproduced the problem in Richfaces extendedDataTable here:



          <rich:extendedDataTable value="#{eventBugBean.stringList}"

              var="varExtendedDataTable" id="table" sortMode="single"

              selectedClass="background-color: #D0D5E0">


              <rich:column width="180px" >

                  <h:outputText value="#{varExtendedDataTable}"/>



              <rich:column width="280px" >

                  <rich:autocomplete id="autocomplete" showButton="false" layout="list"

                      mode="ajax" var="varAutocomplete"









      Is there any solution to this problem? I have attached a demo. (Try selecting the rows in the autocomplete and you will see that the active row in the extendedDataTable changes.)


      Best regards

      Tor Åge Ballo

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          use onkeydown="event.stopPropagation();" at autocomplete. That's just a workaround. I will review jira and create new task if it's not there.

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            Tor Ã…ge Ballo Newbie

            Thank you very much, that solves the problem in the extendedDataTable, very nice if you post it in jira:).... But it do not solve the problem in my OpenFaces:treeTable.


            I can't quite understand that, but they must some how pick up the event even when I use the stopPropagation() function. I have posted it on the OpenFaces forum, here. 


            This is my code if anyone has a suggestion on how I may fix it:


                <o:treeTable id="treeTable" var="treeNode"

                    style="width: 100%;border: 1px solid #999999;">


                    <o:dynamicTreeStructure nodeChildren="#{eventBugBean.stringList}" />

                    <o:singleNodeSelection rendered="true" style="background: #D0D5E0;" />


                    <o:treeColumn style="width: 8%;">

                        <h:outputText value="#{treeNode}" />



                    <o:column style="width: 40%;">

                        <rich:autocomplete id="autocomplete2" showButton="false"

                            layout="list" mode="ajax" var="varAutocomplete"









            Best regards and thank you IIya for the quick response

            Tor Åge

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              Tor Ã…ge Ballo Newbie

              A valid workaround for the treeTable component is also setting onkeypress="event.stopPropagation();"


              Best regards

              Tor Åge